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Dillon, Summit County DUI Defense Attorney

Conviction on a drunk driving charge will result in a fine, higher insurance premiums, and a possible jail sentence. After an arrest, you must take action to protect your freedom and your ability to drive.

At my practice, Timothy A. Meinert, P.C., I have defended many clients facing DUI, DWAI, and DUID charges. Prior to starting my law practice, I served as a prosecutor in the Denver Metropolitan area and the Fifth Judicial District (Eagle, Summit, Clear Creek and Lake counties). I have prosecuted and defended numerous DUI cases, including people arrested for the first time and those with multiple prior convictions. I understand how to analyze a prosecutor's case, identify its weak points, and develop a strong DUI defense based on the facts and the law.

My goal will be to protect your rights and your freedom.

Call me at toll free 866-930-8281 or send an e-mail to arrange for a free consultation.

Successful DUI Defense Strategies

Despite what you may believe, it is possible to overcome a drunk driving charge.

The police may not have had probable cause to stop you and continue the investigation. The field tests might have been improperly administered. Regarding the breath, blood or urine tests, there are numerous human, equipment, and biological factors that can affect the test results. Even if you "refused" to submit to any of these tests, you may have a defense to a DUI charge.

As your defense lawyer, I will examine these and other aspects of your case to identify a winning DUI defense strategy. In cases where the state's case is strong, it may be possible to negotiate with the prosecutor to obtain an outcome that minimizes the penalties and effect on your life.

Defending the Charge and Your Driver's License

In Colorado, a drunk driving arrest results in two legal actions against you; the criminal charge and an administrative proceeding that will result in a driver's license suspension.

If you receive a notice of revocation of your license, you have seven calendar days to request an administrative hearing. Failure to request this hearing will result in the automatic loss of your license. I will represent you in both proceedings; to protect your freedom and your ability to drive.

For a free consultation with Timothy A. Meinert, P.C., call toll free 866-930-8281 or send me an e-mail.

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