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Dillon Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer in Dillon, Colorado

A domestic violence charge can affect your life for years to come. You will receive an automatic restraining order that can bar you from your own home if you share it with the alleged victim. If you are convicted, you face a possible jail sentence. Even if you avoid jail, your career prospects may suffer. You could lose child custody or visitation rights. You will lose your ability to own a firearm.

If at all possible, you should try to avoid a domestic violence conviction.

I am Timothy A. Meinert, an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer. I will work to protect your rights, overcome the charge, and minimize the potential effects on your life.

Call me at toll free 866-930-8281 or send an e-mail to arrange for a free consultation.

Protecting Your Rights and Freedom

In many domestic violence and spousal abuse cases, the alleged victim is seeking to use the charge to obtain an advantage in a divorce or child custody dispute. Others may involve exaggerated claims of battery.

In building a domestic violence defense for you, I will conduct my own investigation to better understand the true course of events. Whenever possible, I will build a strong case based on the facts. I will work to:

  • Cast doubt upon the prosecution's case
  • Discredit the testimony of witnesses
  • Present you in the best light possible

The goal of Timothy A. Meinert, P.C., is to obtain the best outcome possible and to protect your rights and freedom.

Getting You the Help You Need

In other cases, there may be some substance to the allegations. In these situations, I can work to obtain an outcome that involves mitigated penalties and placement in appropriate anger management, drug and alcohol programs, or psychological counseling. I have strong relationships with prosecutors and courts in our area, and if you are a good candidate for such programs, I will work to achieve that outcome for you.

For a free consultation with domestic violence defense attorney Timothy A. Meinert, call toll free 866-930-8281 or send me an e-mail.

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