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Summit County Drug Court Lawyer

Breckenridge, Colorado, Drug Court Attorney

In Summit County, there is now an alternative to the disposition of drug charges and certain other felony charges. Your acceptance into drug court can enable you to avoid prison and help you get the treatment and counseling you need to deal with your substance abuse problem. Drug court is not for the lazy or unmotivated. It is for people who are serious about their lives and who have the courage to face and overcome their problems.

I am Timothy A. Meinert, a defense attorney with extensive experience in helping people obtain drug court outcomes and appropriate treatment solutions. I have represented numerous clients in drug court since its inception. In fact, the first person ever accepted into Summit County drug court was my client. I understand the rules for acceptance, the treatment and counseling options that are available, and how to persuade the court of the worthiness of my clients for drug court. If you are eligible and are serious about getting your life back, I would like to talk with you.

Contact my firm today for a free consultation. It could be the first step toward a better future.

Is Drug Court Right for You?

Only certain people facing drug charges and other felony charges are eligible for drug court. In a free consultation, I can review your case, advise you regarding your eligibility and provide more details about the program. If you choose the drug court option, I will use my experience and knowledge to help you achieve acceptance into an appropriate treatment program.

Acceptance into a drug court program is not the easy way out. Throughout the duration of the program, you will face stringent supervision and intense scrutiny by a team consisting of the prosecutor, a police officer, the judge, a probation officer and a defense attorney. If you test positive for drugs, or otherwise violate the conditions of drug court, you will be sanctioned, and if you have repeated violations, you will be kicked out of the program and back into the criminal justice system.

But drug court does give you a chance to deal with your underlying substance abuse problems and get your life back together again. As your lawyer and advocate, I will be with you all the way.

For more information and a free consultation with an experienced Summit County drug court attorney, contact Timothy A. Meinert, P.C. in Dillon, Colorado.

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