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Dillon Colorado Petition to Seal Records Attorney

Knowledgeable Dillon, Colorado, Criminal Defense Attorney

Confidently Handling Petition to Seal Records Cases

Clients that have had charges against them dismissed, deferred case, or were never charged following an arrest, and in certain cases, clients who have criminal convictions are eligible to have their criminal records sealed. This means that your criminal record will be considered clear, preventing anyone (including potential employers, financial professionals, educational institutions and landlords) from publicly accessing your past criminal history.

If you have blips on your criminal history and want to learn more about the possibility of filing a petition to seal those records, turn to me, attorney Timothy A. Meinert. I provide criminal defense and record sealing representation to clients located in and around the Dillon, Colorado, area. I handle petitions to seal records for clients that I have previously represented and those new to my firm as well.

When seeking a sealing of your records, there is an abundance of paperwork involved. Not only do papers have to be filed, copies of the filings have to go to multiple places, including to law enforcement, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney's office. Upon receipt of these papers, there may be an objection raised to the sealing petition. If so, there will be a hearing to determine the outcome, at which you will be able to make an argument for why your record should be sealed. If there is no objection, the petition to seal the record process usually moves routinely forward.

Petition to seal records cases are technically civil matters. The actual petition and paperwork must be filed with the district court of the county where the criminal action occurred, however.

Recent Changes in the Law

If you have been convicted of a crime and the conviction is more than 10 years old, you may be able to file a petition to have your record sealed, regardless of whether the underlying crime was a felony or a misdemeanor. This is a recent change to Colorado law that many people could be interested in taking advantage of. However, you must still meet other criteria, in addition to the age of the conviction, in order to have your record sealed.

Some Records Cannot be Sealed

If you have pled guilty to a sexual assault and received a deferred sentence, you cannot have your record sealed. If the charges are dropped or you are found not guilty by a jury in a sexual assault case, then the record can be sealed. However, a deferred sentence in these types of cases will render you ineligible to seek the sealing of your criminal record.

My goal is to protect your rights, freedom and future.

For a free consultation with me, criminal defense lawyer Timothy A. Meinert, call my office toll free 866-930-8281 or contact me by e-mail. I can review your case and determine if a petition to seal records is appropriate or feasible in your situation.

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